Can Solar-Powered Charging Work In UK?

Wed 8th Jun 2022

As local authorities and government think-tanks tackle the growing problem of how to charge an increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads, one company has come up with a unique solution - solar power.

While some cynics might suggest that the British summertime does not last anywhere near long enough to sustain any realistic solar power options, experts from 3ti, solar car park specialists, have unveiled the Papillo3, a pop-up charging solution which can be deployed within hours.

The Papillo3, which in transit probably looks like a shipping container, mainly because it has been built from recycled shipping containers (!?!) can offer 12 EV charging points when deployed. Each unit can offer a mixture of charging speeds and with one in two UK drivers unable to charge their vehicle at home, the prospect of finding a publicly available charger is a headache many motorists can do without.

3ti are hoping that their pop-up solution can fill the gap and help drive more EV ownership, particularly in areas of the country where gaps in the charging infrastructure exist. The company’s first Papillo3 is currently charging cars at Surrey Research Park in Guildford, but the hope is many more can be put into action.

“We believe that solar and battery boosted destination and workplace charging will become the best EV charging solution for drivers, irrespective of the type of home they live in,” said Tim Evans, 3ti founder.

“By utilising dwell times of several hours, when cars are parked at work or when the driver is visiting a shopping or leisure venue, 3ti’s system ensures that EVs can achieve a level of charge that covers day to day driving needs – and does it in the most low carbon way.”