Can We MOT Our Own Cars?

Sat 28th May 2022

With the government raising the possibility of increasing the annual MOT check to once every two years, rathen than once a year, there are many experts worried that there will be thousands of dangerous cars on the roads.

While most conscientious drivers will know if there is something seriously wrong with their car, there are sometimes even very small things which can make our vehicles dangerous to drive. And as many of us also get our cars serviced at the same time as our MOT, there is a concern that our cars are missing out on some much needed TLC.

So what can we do ourselves to ensure our cars remain in tip-top order before the next MOT?

It sounds obvious, but the general safety checks on our cars, which in reality we should be checking ourselves on a monthly basis. So checking mirrors for cracks, ensuring the tyre tread is well within a legal amount (use a 20p coin), make sure all lights are working, check oil and brake fluids, and also looking at your windscreen wash and the wipers are functional.

“At the moment the idea of a bi-annual MOT is just speculation with the Government seeking to help cash strapped Britons,” said a Lease Car spokesperson, who put together the list of self checks.

“However, we believe that it is still just as important to ensure cars are road safe at all times.

This doesn’t mean drivers have to be spending money at the garage regularly as there are some simple checks they can do themselves that don’t involve a lot of time and effort.

“Although people can carry out safety checks on their vehicles, it’s important to remember if a major issue presents itself when carrying out these checks, then it is best to leave them to a professional.

“Trying to fix and diagnose mechanical problems with little knowledge can be possible but ultimately not advised as it can be dangerous and not cost effective.”