Can You Guess Who Owns These Celebrity Personalised Number Plates?

Fri 9th Feb 2018

With hundreds of millions of pounds spent on them every year, personalised number plates are big business. The DVLA sells thousands of plates, with the sought-after number and letter combinations changing hands for upwards of £100,000.

The number plates can be bought for as little as £250, but it is the rarer, more eye-catching combinations which are most sought after and when a number plate spells out a name or message, they are often wanted by an individual with a strong connection to that word.

So what are the number plates which are owned by the UK’s celebrities? Find out more below…

H41RDO – Nicky Clarke, Hairdresser

MAG1C – Paul Daniels, Magician

BOXIIH – Amir Khan, Boxer

JU5T WED – Kate Middleton and Prince William (on their wedding day)

AMS1 – Sir Alan Sugar, Businessman