Can You Tell The Difference Between A Pelican And A Puffin?

Wed 7th Nov 2018

A worrying new survey has revealed that pedestrians are at danger at road crossings as neither they or drivers know the difference between the types.

Department for Transport data says that 5,500 people were killed or seriously injured at road crossings in 2017, but motor insurer Admiral has found that four in five drivers are unable to identify a pelican crossing. The ignorance of the rules isn’t just limited to drivers, only a third of people correctly answered that a green flashing figure at a pelican crossing means that a pedestrian should not enter. More than two in five think it means that they don’t have much time to cross, while one in five believe it means they have plenty of time sto cross.

Admiral’s survey of 2,000 respondents found that more than a quarter did not know the identifying marks of a zebra crossing and 92 per cent were unable to recognise a toucan crossing. 85 per cent of both pedestrians and drivers could not tell the difference between a toucan or a puffin crossing.

Admiral head of motor Sabine Williams said: 'What’s worrying about these findings is how little both drivers and pedestrians understand about the designated crossings and what the rules are for safely using them.

'More needs to be done to make sure all road users know what their responsibilities are when it comes to crossing so we can see a reduction in the number of accidents taking place.'

Perhaps the most worrying element of Admiral’s survey is the figures relating to near misses.

A third of pedestrians and a quarter of drivers admit that they have had a near miss at crossing, with the use of mobile phones shockingly accounting for many of the close calls.