Car Brand Creates Clothing That Absorbs CO2

Tue 2nd Mar 2021

French car manufacturer DS Autos have produced a range of clothing which can help save the environment by absorbing the harmful gases that are produced from car exhaust fumes.

DS have worked with a Paris fashion brand and a British sustainability firm to design a range of clothes which are covered with a photosynthetic coating made up of living algae, which can absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into sugar.

The range of clothing, which includes a bomber jacket, has been designed for Paris Fashion Week and according to DS has been converting CO2 for the last ten weeks, at the same level of which a six-year-old oak tree would over the course of six months.

“We are extremely excited to reveal our first eco-conscious fashion capsule collection in time for the Paris Fashion Week Women’s A/W shows,” said Beatrice Foucher, CEO of DS Automobiles. “Premium style and innovation are at the forefront of the DS brand and something we believe should go hand in hand as we work towards a more sustainable future, offering innovative mobility solutions.

“DS Automobiles is committed to providing customers with premium vehicle choices that are kinder to the planet through our E-TENSE electrified range, with the ambition to have a fully electrified and plug-in hybrid range by 2025. The reveal of our eco-conscious fashion collection is just one example of our innovative approach to using different techniques and materials in our cars that embodies the spirit of Avant Garde.” 

DS have revealed that they might consider a limited edition run of the algae covered clothing in the future for the consumer market.