Car Crime Hotspots Revealed

Thu 15th Jul 2021

One of the UK’s major motoring insurers has taken a deep dive into its own data to reveal which areas of the country are most likely to see a car crime.

Co-op Insurance have analysed a wealth of information from claims ranging from 2016 to 2020 to find the key hotspots of motoring theft and whilst London boroughs reign for stolen cars, there are still some crafty car criminals elsewhere around Britain.

Those who park their car in the London borough of Lambeth are probably most fearful of getting their car stolen as according to Co-op research that is the car theft capital of the UK. And the rich and famous are not spared any car crimes as Kensington and Chelsea are also hard hit with car thefts.

At the other end of the scale, Moray in Scotland has the lowest frequency of car thefts in the whole of the UK, while Mid Devon is the lowest on the list in England.

“Having your car stolen is one of the most distressing experiences a person can endure and sadly, it is still something that blights everyday life particularly in our cities,” said Paul Evans, head of motor insurance at Co-op. “Our claims data shows that car crime rates in London have remained continuously high but it’s interesting to see that places like Preston and Stockport are also emerging hotspots in the North.

“We’re passionate about helping car owners to keep their vehicles safe – they can do this by researching car crime levels in their own area and also by following some simple steps that will deter a thief. People with smaller and perhaps less expensive cars need to be aware that these motor vehicles are hot property for car thieves.”

Co-op’s analysis also showed that the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Vauxhall Corsa are the most commonly stolen cars, though that is probably reflected by the fact that these are some of the most popular cars overall.