Car Makers Accused Of Ignoring Older Drivers

Fri 21st Feb 2020

Just one per cent of drivers over fifty believe that new cars are being designed with older drivers’ needs in mind according to a major new survey.

While the over-50s market is buying more new cars than any other demographic, according to research conducted by Saga Insurance the manufacturers are actually building cars for younger drivers.

While many might imagine that mobility issues are the key problems faced by older drivers getting into newer cars, it is more superficial demands being made such as chrome plating, bonnet ornaments, wooden steering wheels and even CD players.

Technology which can make driving safer and easier such as lane assist and automatic braking did not feature highly on the list of demands from drivers over 50.

Jeremy Taylor, Saga Magazine's motoring editor commented: 'It's clear from the research findings that far too many car manufacturers are seeing that 50 is a barrier when it comes to their marketing and design process. 

'While safety and reliability are key, for those of us that grew up in the heyday of design classics such as the Jaguar E-Type and Mini Cooper, today's modern gadgets are a poor substitute for beauty and a fun drive.'

'Many feel car-makers are out of touch with what their key customers actually want,' he added. 


What Do Older Drivers Want To See On New Cars?
1. Ignition keys - 30%

2. CD players - 28%

3. Chrome plating - 23%

=4. Hood ornaments - 21%

=4. Wooden steering wheels - 21%

6. Bench seats - 14%

=7. Wooden body work - 12%

=7. Car window winders - 12%

9. Front fenders (i.e. above the wheel) - 9%

10. White wall tyres - 8%

Source: Saga Insurance poll of 6,500 drivers over 50 years of age