Car Park Cowboys Shot Down By Government Bill

Fri 23rd Nov 2018

A new code of practice has been agreed by the Government which will tackle rogue companies who issue unfair car fines on private car parks.

The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, which was given the green light this week, following a manifesto promise made by the Conservatives before the last election. The bill should make it easier for drivers to appeal some of the fines given to them in unscrupulous circumstances by the firms who use the car park rules to take hundreds of pounds from the UK public under the threat of court appearances. The bill will also introduce the code of practice which will have fairer parking rules for drivers, including a 10 minute grace period and a limit of £100 on fines.

“Millions of drivers use private car parks every day, and far too many of them are receiving unjust fines at the hands of rogue firms,” said Local Government Minister, Rishi Sunak MP.

“We need a fairer, clearer and more consistent system that puts the brake on the unfair practices being experienced by too many drivers.

“I am delighted that MPs have unanimously backed these changes and that the government is on track to create a better system for our nation’s motorists.”

Once approved by the House of Lords, the new code of practice will be developed by the Government along with motorists groups and also experts such as conservative MP, Sir Greg Knight.

The British Parking Association are also looking forward to the changes, with the organisation’s Chief Executive, Andrew Pester saying: “We welcome Sir Greg Knight's amendments which chime with our call for a single standard body, single code of practice and a single independent appeals service.

“This framework provides a unique opportunity to deliver greater consistency and consumer confidence – and as a not-for-profit association we are focused on working closely with government and others, including consumer groups, to push for a positive outcome for all.”