Cars Second Best In Revised Highway Code

Tue 10th Aug 2021

The much maligned automobile is under attack once again with the UK government’s own transport secretary giving priority to cyclists and pedestrians in a new report.

The ‘Summer of Cycling and Walking’ report which was published this week includes a number of changes, and infrastructure guidelines, including new rules in the Highway Code which will actively promote cyclists over car drivers.

The report is focused on pushing cycling as a major alternative in urban transport, with research showing that in the last year cycling rose more in the last 12 months than in all the previous 20 year put together. The report talks about a new ‘hierarchy of road users’ putting the onus on road users who can do the greatest harm i.e. car drivers, to have the biggest responsibility to reduce danger. Cyclists will also have priorities at junctions when travelling straight ahead.

While there’s no doubt that cycling has had a boom in the last 12 months, much of it will be due to the increased lockdown time, with the public having little much else to do. Meanwhile cycle lanes which were hastily introduced by local authorities during lockdown have been roundly criticised by many.

Grant Shapps, transport secretary, said: “Millions of us have found over the past year how cycling and walking are great ways to stay fit, ease congestion and do your bit for the environment.

“As we build back greener from the pandemic, we’re determined to keep that trend going by making active travel easier and safer for everyone.

“This £338m package marks the start of what promises to be a great summer of cycling and walking, enabling more people to make those sustainable travel choices that make our air cleaner and cities greener.”