's Great British Cars – Vauxhall Astra Mk2

Sat 14th Apr 2018

Great Britain, great cars. The UK motor industry is respected the world over, and though many of the vehicles are actually owned by foreign manufacturers, there can be no doubting of the fantastic heritage of the British motor.

To celebrate Britain’s famous history is launching a series looking back on some of the most famous vehicles the UK has ever seen.

Vauxhall Astra Mk2
Launched as a rival to the Ford Escort in October 1984, the second generation of the Astra utilised the same engine and running gear of it’s earlier iteration, but came with souped-up aerodynamics and a sportier bodywork.

The Mk2 Astra came in a range of options, including estate, hatchback, saloon and cabriolet, though the saloon was actually marketed in showrooms as the Vauxhall Belmont, which followed on a trend at the time for separating the hatchbacks from the saloons. Other manufacturers went down the same route, with Ford’s Orion and Volkswagen’s Jetta. The public weren’t fooled though and the Belmont was shortlived, as was the Orion which soon reverted back to being an Escort.

The Astra and the Escort were spoken about in the same breath throughout the late 1980s, and though the Vauxhall would never actually outsell its hatchback rival, it came closer than any other similar sized car to breaking Ford’s domination.

Years of manufacture: 1984-1991
Price when new: £7,971
Price now: £200-£12,000
Engine: 1,598cc 4cyl petrol, 81bhp
Top speed: 111mph  has plenty of sixth and seventh generation Astra's to choose from. All can be delivered to your door.