Catalytic Convertor Thefts Reach New High

Thu 24th Jun 2021

The growing trend for catalytic convertor thefts has reached new levels after a report revealed that the incidents had jumped 104 per cent in the space of 12 months.

Research compiled by Which? Magazine found that there 6,000 catalytic convertor thefts in 2020 according to data gathered from 25 police forces across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The thefts have become popular for opportunists due to the rare metals found within them and the relative ease in which the exhaust emission devices can be sawn off from the bottom of a vehicle. The Which? analysis shows that North Wales is currently the cat theft capital of the UK, with a 411 per cent rise in the crime, jumping from nine in 2019 to 46 in 2020. The West Midlands had the most thefts with 1,626 crimes, while the City of London had zero incidents last year.

 “Catalytic converter thefts can leave victims with pricey repair bills, rising premiums or even complete write-offs, so it’s concerning to see such a huge spike in these crimes across the country,” said Harry Rose, Which? editor.

“To minimise the chance of your car being targeted you should consider installing traceable marking tools and a Catloc on your converter or park in an area covered by CCTV – these steps could help to identify or deter thieves.”

The criminals may not use sophisticated methods to steal the devices, but they do know which cats are most valuable, with those within hybrids particularly in demand due to the fact that they are not used as often as regular engine cars.