Centurions Hailed As Cars Last Longer

Thu 19th May 2022

Worries about buying a car with too much mileage might be now put to rest with new figures revealing that one in five cars now has more than 100,000 miles on the clock.

There used to be a time when anything with 100k in the engine was something of an anomaly, but with cars now being built to last and engines taking more wear and tear, the centurion car is more and more common.

DVSA data published by Co-op Insurance this week shows that there are now 9.1 million cars on our roads in the UK that have reached six figures on their odometers, which is 23 per cent of all cars registered.

Analysis from the insurance firm reflects the current car buying market, where nearly new cars are becoming more popular than new cars, simply because they are more readily available. In 2018 the number of policies for cars up to two years old was 10 per cent, but that has dropped to four per cent. Similarly, the number of cars insured which are between six and ten years old is now eight out of ten cars, compared to seven out of ten, just four years ago.

 “It looks like Brits are taking a mend and make-do approach to car ownership as the cost of living and running a car continues to rocket,” said Paul Evans, Co-op’s head of motor insurance.

“Whilst we know that parts, availability issues and the pandemic, amongst other factors, have hit the new car market badly, many people just aren’t in a position to splash unnecessary cash on a brand new vehicle.

“Instead, it makes more financial sense to keep their existing car going for as long as possible, or to buy a used car.”