Charge Network Set For Major Expansion

Sun 7th May 2023

Britain’s EV owners can expect fairer charging prices and a more expanded network of chargers after some of the country’s biggest providers came together to provide a combined network.

ChargeUK, a new trade organisation for the EV charging sector, was established and unveiled investment plans until 2030

Representing 18 of the biggest charge point operators (CPOs) in the country, they have all pledged to invest more than £6 billion together to create and maintain new EV charging infrastructure by 2030.

Through 2023, the new company hopes to double the network's size thanks to investments made to encourage EV drivers to make the switch.

At the end of March, there were approximately 24,000 electric vehicle charging stations spread across 40,496 locations in the UK, according to statistics from Zap-Map.

Many people are still worried about the rollout even though there has been a 35 percent rise in the overall number of charging devices since March 2022.

In order to double the network's size by 2023, tens of thousands of new chargers will be installed this year.

ChargeUK has committed to working with the government and other stakeholders to remove obstacles and define the rules and regulations required to facilitate transition as the sector continues to expand charging availability and expedite investment and delivery.

"The launch of ChargeUK shows how industry working together, alongside the government, can release private investment, improve delivery, raise standards, and promote the use of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for drivers across the country," said Jesse Norman, the minister of transportation decarbonization and technology.