Check Your Tyres Or Face A Fine

Mon 15th Nov 2021

British motorists could be putting the lives of themselves and others at risk by ignoring a simple safety check that is even more important at this time of year.

A survey of 2,000 motorists has found that one in ten never check their tyres, despite the fact that balding tyres could make your vehicle unroadworthy and drivers could be hit with a £2,500 fine and even 12 points on their licence.

The research, which was published by Continental Tyres, showed that many drivers were ignorant of the dangers, with 27 per cent admitting they didn’t know the last time they checked them, and almost one in five did not know if they were road legal. 

The minimum tyre tread is 1.6mm, but only just one in four were able to correctly name that depth, with an estimated 600,000 drivers believing the tread depth should be 1mm.

“It is vital your car is in a roadworthy condition, and this means carrying out regular maintenance checks – particularly with an easy-to-do task like looking at the condition of your tyres,” said Peter Robb from Continental Tyres.

“Driving around with worn tyres can not only be a dangerous experience, but also a costly one. 

“Tyres form the essential bond between your vehicle and the ground, with the tread gripping to the road as you drive, and if there isn’t enough tread your car loses traction and your braking distance increases.

"Reduced tread depth makes it harder to control the vehicle in wet weather and the chance of aquaplaning increases, putting lives at risk inside and outside of the vehicle.”