Chinese Car Brand Puts Tablet In Steering Wheel

Thu 3rd Jan 2019

A major Asian car manufacturer has put in-car entertainment into the heart of the driving experience by placing a tablet computer into the centre of the steering wheel.

The Chinese brand Byton is set to unveil the new-look technology at the forthcoming CES tech show in Las Vegas this week, with the 50 inch screen certain to catch the eye.

Byton have said that both the K-Byte and M-Byte models will be utilising the technology in the future, which can be used to power the car’s high tech interior which includes a four-foot wide digital dashboard.

Powered by Blackberry, the infotainment system will combine touch-control, with voice control to allow for a shared experience for drivers and passengers. The system will use state-of-the art facial recognition technology to understand who is driving the car and adjust seat position, temperature and music settings accordingly. These settings will also be transferrable when you buy or drive a new Byton as they will be stored in the cloud.

Daniel Kirchert, Byton's president and co-founder, said: “Byton is tailor-made for fully electric mobility.

“Equally important, we have designed our car to be the first-ever affordable premium EV that fulfills the requirements as the first car in every household.”

It’s expected that the new techno-packed cars will retail at £35,000 when launched across the globe.