Citroen Brakes New Ground With e-C4 Line

Tue 9th May 2023

Fans of French superminis will be delighted with the news that Citroen have revamped their C4 model range.

With a larger battery pack, a more powerful electric motor, and an increased range of up to 260 miles, Citroen is accelerating the pace of electrification with a product that improves its e-C4 and e-C4 X model lines. 

By incorporating this innovative motor and battery combination into the e-C4 and the innovative e-C4 X, Citroen becomes the only mainstream brand to provide customers with two electric vehicles in the C-segment, each of which may be equipped with one of two different powertrains.

The new e-C4 and e-C4 X have a hybrid synchronous electric motor (HSM) that produces 115 kilowatts (136 horsepower) and 260 Newton-meters of torque, resulting in an increased all-electric WLTP range of about 40 miles compared to the previous models.

Significant gains are available in actual consumer use, even at temperatures close to 0°C, thanks to the electric motor and battery upgrades that cut average energy consumption to 12kW/h. Comfortable use is ensured by the fact that charging times have not changed despite the larger battery capacity.

The new e-C4 X and e-C4 are designed to be even more efficient. The capacity to charge at 100 kW is an added bonus to the smaller battery's reduced size, weight, and power consumption. All it takes is a little ingenuity and the right amount of know-how to outsmart the competition.