Classic Mini Moke To Return To UK

Wed 18th Mar 2020

An Alec Issigonis classic design, which pre-dated the Mini, is to return to UK roads, more than 60 years after it became a cult icon of the swinging sixties.

The Mini Moke was originally designed by Issigonis at the request of the British Army, who were looking for a small and light vehicle which they could easily parachute into difficult environments. But due to a lack of ground clearance, the army shunned the design and it ended up being one of the most eye-catching vehicles in a decade of small and cheap British built cars.

There were approximately 14,500 built in Britain before production ended in 1968, but a further 26,000 were built in Australia where they continued to be built until 1993. Amazingly the classic car made a brief return in the early 1990s when a limited number were built in Portugal.

Now the Moke is set to return once again, a limited number of street-legal Mini Mokes will be available for less than £20,000 with full customisation. 

The new car retains much of the look of the original, with some additional safety features and though designed in the UK by British designer Michael Young, it will be built in France.

“The world has changed dramatically. We could not just replicate the original model as times have changed, and music and fashion have changed accordingly. So the car’s main requirements actually need adjustments too: enhancements, improved road-holding, braking, suspension and so on,” Young said

“It was essential to strike an equal balance for the old enthusiast and the new generation of Moke drivers – like me. I was equally aware that I had to respect the past and make sure the overall visual aspect was kept intact.”