Clock Ticking On Petrol and Diesel Engines

Sat 14th Nov 2020

The UK Government is expected to announce a ‘phase-out’ of ICE vehicles from 2030 over the next few days.

The move to less than a decade follows an incredible year of growth for the EV industry with record sales and major investment in the installation of 3600 new streetside charging points in 2020.

A ban on petrol and diesel engines was initially set for 2040 two years ago, but transport secretary Grant Shapps has been openly discussing the prospect of moving the date forward as the government aims for the road to zero emissions.

The 2030 date is ambitious, but does have some flexibility, with hybrid vehicles given till 2035 before they are banned.

The move appears to have cross-party support, with the Labour Party calling for an earlier ban, and shadow minister Matthew Pennycook saying that it will give real momentum ahead of next year’s big environmental summit.

Pennycook said: “2030 is an ambitious but achievable date by which to phase out the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles, one that would give a new lease of life to the UK car industry whilst combatting climate breakdown and cleaning up the air that dangerously pollutes so many of our towns and cities.

“But as well as accelerating the phase-out, the government must also set out a credible plan to get there – one that backs the low-carbon jobs and industries of the future and ensures that workers and communities are properly supported in the transition to a fairer and cleaner economy.

“It’s time for ministers to seize this opportunity as part of a world-leading green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, creating good jobs across the country and generating real momentum for next year’s COP26 climate summit.”