Combustion Ban Is Wrong Says Porsche Boss

Mon 22nd Mar 2021

The UK government’s 2030 ban on the sale of new combustion engines is ignoring the development of zero emission e-fuels according to the research and development chief at one of Europe’s most prestigious car brands.

Michael Steiner has been behind the development of zero emission e-fuels at Porsche and believes that the innovative fuels could be used in existing combustion engines with no modifications necessary. And with Boris Johnson’s government moving to ban all combustion engines within the next ten years Steiner is asking for a rethink and to look to ban fossil fuels only.

“If it comes to banning ICE or plug-in hybrids, we are convinced this is a misunderstanding – the problem is not the ICE itself, it's the fuel you burn,” Steiner said in Autocar.

“We have to do a lot to come down on CO2 emissions – and we are totally committed – but the problem is not the engine, it is the fuel you burn. We do a lot to convince that there should be room, regulation-wise, for such cars to run on e-fuels. Whether this will be really reflected in legislation, we do not know, but in principle – the wrong thing is being beaten."

Porsche were joined by Mazda this week who are also looking to develop e-fuels, with the German sports car manufacturer keen to being testing e-fuels next year on the 911. The company is partnered with Siemens on the project and will be keen to show that e-fuels means less CO2 emissions from any vehicle.

“Our job in R&D is to show what's technically possible, and then to convince people that there might be no need to ban everything,” Steiner continued.