Connected Ford Will Warn About Danger Around The Corner

Mon 20th Jan 2020

Fords of the future are set to be installed with a new early-warning system technology which could help drivers avoid road accidents, traffic jams and be prepared for inclement weather.

While connected car technology is being trialled with a number of motoring brands, Ford have begun rolling out their ‘Local Hazard Information’ to their fleet of cars following a successful trial with the award-winning Ford Puma.

The tech will use information stored in the digital cloud and then share it with other vehicles travelling in the same region. For example, the system will monitor the use of windscreen wipers, hazard and fog lights and even collect information on emergency braking in order to build a picture of the behaviours of drivers across the road network.

The information is shared by a series of notifications appearing on the driver’s dashboard, warning them of the obstacles and conditions ahead. The technology, which can also incorporate data from external sources such as highways agencies and official police notifications, is expected to be available in 80 per cent of Ford’s new cars by the end of the year.

Joerg Beyer, executive director of engineering at Ford of Europe, said: “What makes Local Hazard Information different is that it is the cars that are connected – via the Internet of Things.

“There is no reliance on third party apps. This is a significant step forward. Warnings are specific, relevant and tailored to try to help improve your specific journey.”