Cost Of Living Crisis Hits Annual Services

Wed 13th Apr 2022

As British consumers tighten their belts across their entire expenditure, a new survey has revealed that many motorists are considering how they can save money on their cars.

The report by The Motor Ombudsman has found that 68 per cent of car owners admitted they were looking to reduce their motor-related spends in 2022 and that servicing was the biggest target.

The majority (56%) of 2,000 polled without a service plan said they are planning to miss (33%) or delay (23%) their annual service, something which is a concern for Bill Fennell, chief ombudsman at the Motor Ombudsman.

“April has seen a coming together of several cost of living increases, which have unfortunately hit the wallets of consumers all at the same time,” Fennell said. “It’s therefore inevitable that something has to give, and our study has shown that servicing and vehicle maintenance is being seen as less of a priority.

"This is of course concerning – not following the vehicle manufacturer’s servicing schedule, and not taking their car to a garage to be looked at by a professional in the event of any mechanical problems is essentially compromising the safety and value of the vehicle.”

Other areas where Brits were looking to make motoring savings include using their vehicle less, walking or cycling to destinations, driving more efficiently and shopping around for cheaper car insurance.

The cost of living is set to surge this month, with the energy price cap adding up to 54 per cent on to fuel bills, while there will be less money in our wage packets due to a 1.25% increase in National Insurance contributions. But one of the biggest concerns remains the cost of fuel at the pump, with 87 per cent of those polled saying it was a worry.

But the Motor Ombudsman is keen to underline that it is important to keep our cars safe and not cut corners.

Fennell added: “Even in these challenging times, it is important motorists keep their vehicle both roadworthy and legal at all times, and that any maintenance is carried out by a business that is accredited to The Motor Ombudsman’s comprehensive Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair. This will give consumers the added of peace of mind that a vehicle repairer will deliver high standards of work and service, and that they can turn to The Motor Ombudsman should there be a complaint they are unable to resolve with the business in the first instance.”