Cost Of Living Cuts Into Car Repairs

Mon 22nd May 2023

A new study has found that one-third of drivers in the UK have skipped an ‘essential service’ on their car because of the high cost of living.

Younger drivers are most affected by this problem with over 40 per cent of drivers between the ages of 18 and 34 skipping regular car repairs to save money.

Volkswagen Financial Services UK surveyed 2,000 drivers and found that less than half of them would feel financially ready to pay for repairs to keep their cars safe. Older drivers, on the other hand, feel more prepared than younger drivers. Those over 75 are the most sure that they could pay to fix any problems with their car.

One in four drivers has driven even though they knew their car needed important maintenance. Nearly two-thirds of drivers would rather pay for vehicle maintenance in installments than all at once. Because of rising costs, a fifth of those who answered have also thought about giving up driving. 

The rise in repair prices and monthly motoring costs has led to many taking risks on the road says Mike Todd, CEO at Volkswagen Financial Services UK: “The cost of living crisis has left many drivers contemplating the difficult decision to skip essential vehicle maintenance and compromise safety, particularly the younger drivers on the road.

“1 in 4 have experienced a cost which could have been avoided with regular servicing. As an industry we should be supporting drivers in their entire vehicle ownership and usership journey. That means offering service options which cater to various needs and budgets so all drivers on the roads are in safe vehicles.”