Could A Black Box Save You £500

Tue 17th Sep 2019

The fear of a black box telematics recorder in your car could be costing drivers up to £500 on their insurance premiums according to latest research.

Insurers By Miles have revealed that eight out of ten drivers are unaware of the savings that could be made if they install a black box into their car, with premiums dropping by 20 per cent.

The so-called ‘big brother’ gadget can record a vehicle’s movement via sensors which can monitor acceleration, braking, sharp turning and velocity. Insurers can assess a driver’s safe driving and offer lower premiums to those that are deemed to be driving within the limits of the law. Black boxes are credited with making thousands of drivers drive safely.

Though the black boxes were originally marketed towards younger drivers, the technology is now being used on a wider range of insurance policies, with telematics related premiums doubling over the past three years.

James Blackham, founder of By Miles, said: “Telematics policies offer huge savings for drivers of all ages.

“More experienced drivers often do not appreciate being told how they should drive but are suffering higher premiums as high as £500 a year.”