Could A Blown Bulb Cost You Thousands?

Mon 5th Nov 2018

Drivers are being warned that the cost of replacing your blown bulb could be higher than you might expect with some manufacturers making LED bulbs that costs £846 to replace.

New research from WhatCar? has revealed that more and more manufacturers are using the high-powered LED bulbs and others are designing sealed headlight units which need to be completely replaced if just one bulb blows.

The research focused on 13 popular UK models and found that where a traditional halogen bulb might cost £18 to replace, the more luxurious GTI model has a sealed LED unit which costs £846.

LED and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are many times brighter than traditional car lights and in theory can last 10 times longer.

The longevity of HID bulbs makes them a viable option on a new car,' said WhatCar? Editor, Claire Evans.

“However, if you are buying a used car as a second household vehicle or as a first car for a son or daughter, you – and they – could be landed with a massive repair bill for a blown bulb that could even render the car a write-off due to it being uneconomical to repair.”

The study indicates that the higher-spec versions of models are the ones which are coming at a cost if your bulb ever blows. Suzuki Swift owners with the basic models have to pay £4 for a replaced bulb, but the higher spec Swift SZ5 will cost owners £684 to replace the HID. It’s the same story with the Vauxhall Corsa, where the Elite can cost £317 to replace, while the halogen only cost £17. Strangely, Audi, who have more expensive cars, have some of the lowest costs to replace a HID bulb, with a cost of just £211.