Could Cars Of The Future Find You A Parking Space?

Wed 3rd Jul 2019

Latest research suggests that the average driver spends 67 hours every year searching for a parking spot, but new connected-car technology could put an end to parking nightmares.

Developed by Ford in partnership with Vodafone, the new Parking Space Guidance system is currently being trialled in two of Europe’s biggest cities, Frankfurt and London.

It is estimated that 30 per cent of all urban traffic is actually vehicles looking for a place to park, and this ‘cruising’ is causing both congestion and emissions. But with UK car parks often having occupancy rates at less than 50 per cent it is hoped that connected vehicle technology could provide an answer.

So rather than a satellite navigation just getting you to a destination, connected vehicles will also assess the road status and car park information systems from a central computer and based on geolocation data provide the driver with a range of suitable car parking options.

“When vehicles can exchange data with infrastructure in real-time, traffic will become more intelligent, searching for a parking space will become less stressful and people will get to their destination more quickly,” said Michael Reinartz, Head of Innovation, Vodafone.

The Parking Space Guidance technology is part of a range of measures being tested as part of the KoMoD programme in Germany.

“Satnavs are great at helping us to get to our destination but aren’t so useful when it comes to helping us to park there – especially in city centres,” said Tobias Wallerius, engineer, Product Development, Ford of Europe. “Parking Space Guidance is a connected‑vehicle technology that could help drivers to more quickly complete their journey, saving them money, time and benefitting overall air quality.”