Could Tear-Gas Be The Car Theft Deterrent Of The Future?

Mon 11th Mar 2019

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has applied for a patent which would see a car’s fragrance dispensers capable of emitting some sinister fumes.

The patent application was published recently, with the prime function of allowing mobile phone technology interact with the car’s ‘vehicle fragrance dispenser system’ in order to allow a personalised fragrance experience based on the driver and passenger’s own personal preferences.

Current cars typically only have one fragrance within their dispensers, but the patent will allow the Toyota of the future to dispense one of a multitude of perfumes to suit the mood or preference of a car’s occupancy. The technology could also include a deodoriser to be deployed so that no residual smells are left behind by a driver or passenger.

But it’s the prospect of using the car’s ‘vehicle fragrance dispenser system’ for other crime prevention purposes which could leave potential thieves gasping for air.

Within the patent filed, technical specifications 0013 and 0014 document the tear-gas element, saying: ‘The fragrance generation section may be configured to release a tear gas component inside the vehicle; and the controller may control the fragrance generation section to release the tear gas component inside the vehicle in a case in which an illegitimate engine start has been detected by an immobilizer of the vehicle. Or when there is an illegitimate engine start attempt in the vehicle.’

As to when the tear-gas will be deployed is not actually clear, which leaves some seriously concerning safety issues should he potential thief try to make a hasty exit in the car with the tear gas doing its job.