Could The Bugatti Chiron Be The Coolest Car Ever?

Tue 14th Jul 2020

While most supercar manufacturers are happy to boast about top speeds and aerodynamics, the team behind Bugatti’s Chiron and Divo are shouting about their prolific air-conditioning system.

According to the company’s latest press release, the air-con on their latest cars could cool an apartment the size of 80 square metres, bigger than most homes in the UK.

Whereas conventional air-conditioning in a car can be provided by air from outside entering the cabin through filters just under the windscreen, unfortunately on Bugatti models, that is only possible if the car is travelling at 155mph or faster. And with some serious glassware on show in the Bugatti, with supersized windscreens and an optional glass roof, there is likely to be some serious heat entering the vehicle from both the sunshine and the singing engines.

Bugatti’s technical coordinator for air conditioning, Julia Lemke explains why the 9.5 metres of air-conditioning is so important.
“For us, it’s important to ensure that the selected temperature is quickly established. But there mustn’t be any draughts. The air conditioning system is working best when occupants don’t notice it. We have to make sure there are no draughts or noise – only then does it make you feel comfortable,” she explains.

“Our vehicles travel very fast. In order for the air supply to work properly at maximum speed too, we need to ensure the ventilation and air conditioning are particularly well controlled.”

Bugatti are only planning to build 500 of the supercars, but the fact that they have employed a Doctor of Engineering, specialising in thermodynamics, tells you the quest for perfection the French car manufacturer is prepared to go to, and with a price tag of £2,300,000 you would expect nothing less than perfection.