Could You Be Stung By London’s New Car Pollution Charges?

Sun 4th Feb 2018

Drivers in the South East of England are being warned that new pollution charges being brought into London and the suburbs could make driving in the capital an expensive proposition.

The Toxicity Charge, or ‘T-charge’ as it is more commonly known, has been brought in by London Mayor Sadiq Khan as part of a campaign to clean up the capital’s air.

The charge levies a £10 fee on the UK’s most polluting vehicles if they enter ‘low-emission zones’ between 7am and 6pm on weekdays. Many of the UK’s older cars don’t meet the Euro 4 and Euro 6 standards which are exempt from the charges, which means that some drivers, entering the capital’s congestion charge areas could be forced to pay a £21.50 levy for each visit.

And the news doesn’t get much better for drivers, with the charges set to be extended to 24/7 in the same areas in 18 months time. This additional time period could increase the number of vehicles affected by almost ten times, with up to 60,000 vehicles a day affected.

“Diesel vehicles that do not meet the Euro 6 standards and most petrol vehicles that do not meet the Euro 4 standard will have to take action or pay,” the Mayor of London’s office warned.

Currently the zone covers areas of central London encircled by Marylebone Road, Euston Road, City Road, Commercial Street, Tower Bridge Road, New Kent Road, the A3204, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Hyde Park Corner, Park Lance and Marble Arch. The Mayor’s office hopes to expand the areas up to the North and South Circular roads by 2021.

With the UK government keen to squeeze vehicle pollution and aiming to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars over the next 20 years, ‘low-emssion zones’ could become the norm across many more British cities, meaning that drivers of older cars could be forced to pay more than £4,500 per year for driving a non-compliant car.

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