Could Your Campervan Go Missing This Summer?

Mon 8th Feb 2021

With the UK facing the prospect of another holiday season at home, rather than abroad, the use of motorhomes and campervans is on the rise - but how secure are they?

According to data published by one of the biggest insurers of the vehicles in the country, only a very small percentage of motorhomes and campervans have alarms or trackers installed.

Quotezone has checked over 55,000 policy quotes, a total of 28,000 motorhomes and 26,000 campervans were seeking insurance, but  just 13 per cent of motorhomes had a tracker, and just six per cent of campervans had a security device.

The absence of effective alarm and tracking systems on the expensive holiday homes on wheels, has led to some insurers refusing to cover the vehicles, particularly if they are valued over £60,000. The research has shown that the growing popularity of the vehicles in the UK makes them ripe for vehicle theft, with the average price on a motorhome in the region of £25,409.

“Motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular and with the current pandemic grounding most flights for the foreseeable future, it is likely there will be a sharp rise in demand for motorhomes in 2021, as people explore the joys of staycations,” said Greg Wilson, Quotezone founder.

“My advice, especially if the world of motorhomes is new to you, is to double check the full extent of the security features on your vehicle and consider installing any upgrades needed. 

“Unlike other vehicles, if your motorhome gets stolen, it's more than four wheels, it's likely full of expensive and memorable items that help make it your home on the road. 

“It's also your escape, your opportunity to have a holiday, so it needs to be protected. Those who fit tracking devices have a much higher chance of relocating their stolen vehicle.”