Covid Made Us Love Cars More

Mon 28th Mar 2022

On the anniversary of the Covid lockdown, a new survey has revealed that the pandemic has made many Brits love their cars even more.

The research, conducted by Auto Express, one of the UK biggest motoring publications, shows that a third of drivers have come to appreciate their car more than they did before the Covid crisis, with freedom and independence being the key factors.

While we may love our cars more, we are actually driving them less according to the poll, with 76 per cent admitting they use their car less frequently, either for work or leisure. No real surprises as the analysis also reveals that 25 per cent are no longer using their car to to commute to work.

Steve Fowler, Auto Express Editor in Chief, said: "The key insight is that we Brits have an enduring emotional connection with our cars. For example, our research also reveals that an overwhelming 84% of people enjoy driving and that they most value the feelings of freedom and independence when they get behind the wheel, rather than just the convenience and practicality afforded by car ownership.

"Our findings are good news for a motor industry working hard to recover from disruptions to their supply chains and to the lives of their customers. It will be music to their ears to learn that a significant number of people love their cars even more today, even if they use them less."

Despite the big swell of love for our motors, and the impact of the pandemic, which changed the way we live forever, it doesn’t seem to have changed too much about our driving habits, with 71 per cent revealing that hybrid working has not changed the life behind the wheel.