Crazy Scheme Wants Petrol Cars To Subsidise EVs

Wed 9th Sep 2020

Buyers of petrol and diesel cars in the future could be forced to pay more for their vehicles in order to subside the cost of electric vehicles under controversial new proposals.

The Guardian newspaper is reporting that the government is considering a wave of recommendations to speed up the uptake of electric vehicles, including forcing all petrol stations to install charging points, incentivising government bodies to buy electric, providing green-painted parking spaces and even installing charging points at tourist sites.

According to the report, the Department for Transport has commissioned the Behavioural Insights Team to look at ways of making more buyers to switch to EV - and the most controversial recommendation would be the ‘feebate’ scheme which would see more polluting vehicles paying towards making electric cars cheaper. Unsurprisingly the idea has had little support from either the public or those within the industry.

“We need positive measures, not those that penalise consumers who cannot yet afford the latest electric technology, do not have adequate charging facilities, or for whom driving requirements are not suited to electrification,” said Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

“To do otherwise could risk stalling fleet renewal and delaying environmental improvements by leaving them with no alternative but to keep their older vehicle for longer.”

It’s thought that the government would prefer ‘feebate’ to lower taxes on electric cars, the schemes have already worked in some European countries such as France and Sweden.