Cyclists Should Face Bike MOT Says ‘Mr Loophole’ Lawyer.

Wed 15th Aug 2018

Bicycles should face a mandatory annual MOT says a leading motoring lawyer, with cyclists, also forced to take a test before being allowed on the road.

The range of hard-hitting punishments has been laid out in a ten point plan by Nick Freeman, who is famous for defending David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson from driving offences.

The plan is aimed at reducing the number of deaths on Britain’s roads but appears to target cyclists in particular, with suggestions that bikes should have a licence plate and car drivers should be taught how to overtake cyclists safely.

Speaking in the Daily Express, Freeman said: “Though every death is a terrible tragedy, the number of cases involving collisions between cyclists and pedestrians is minute. In contrast, there are countless situations every day in which thousands of cyclists recklessly cut red lights, ride on the pavement and generally use their bikes without due care or much worse.

“As someone who travels 30,000-50,000 miles a year, I see this all the time. That’s why it isn’t enough just to tidy up bits of the statute. What the Government currently proposes is simply a headline-grabbing vote-winner. In reality, it does nothing to address the real issue of road safety.”

Mr Freeman’s ten-point plan includes additional rules for other road users including reducing the limit of alcohol in the blood from 80 milligrams to 50 milligrams per 100 millilitres.


Other proposed changes to the law are underlined in his plan:


1 Ban using hands-free mobile phones.

2 Reduce drink-drive limit from 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50 milligrams.

3 Cameras should automatically flash middle lane hoggers so they are fined and receive penalty points.

4 Lorry drivers on three-lane motorways should be confined to the near side line. This would rise to the two inner lanes on four-lane motorways.

5 A compulsory vision and driving test every two years for motorists over 70.

6 Newly qualified drivers should have to wear NQ plates for two years after passing their test. If they don’t there should be instant disqualification and a compulsory extended re-test.

7 Cyclists need to be identified with number plates, take a proficiency test, their bikes should have a yearly MOT and the wearing of helmets and tabards should also be compulsory.

8 Learning how to overtake cyclists should be part of the driving test.

9 Reduce use of fluctuating speed on smart motorways.

10 Speed limit should be raised from 70mph to 80mph on motorways.