Czechs Aim For Euro Domination

Tue 29th Jun 2021

While their football team is riding high at the Euro 2020 Championships, one of the biggest Czech car brands, Skoda have revealed ambitious plans to be one of the biggest car producers in Europe by the end of the decade.

Skoda’s Next Level project will see the once maligned company expand its line-up of electric vehicles, whilst also reducing emissions across the fleet. The Czech company’s ethos will be based on three words - expand, explore and engage - according to the company’s launch. Skoda aim to convert their current factories in their homeland into a dedicated electromobility hub, putting the manufacturer at the heart of battery production. 

The company already builds batteries for the Superb and Octavia models, and announced that they will likely introduce three new fully electric models.

“With our new Next Level – Škoda strategy 2030, we are providing specific answers on how we will successfully steer Škoda Auto through the transformation process and ensure that the company will be in an even stronger position in 2030 than it is today,” said Thomas Schafer, Skoda CEO.

“The brand has incredible potential. We will be leveraging this in the coming years and setting ourselves ambitious goals; we aim to be one of the top five car manufacturers in Europe in terms of sales; we are setting out to become the leading European brand in the growth regions of India, Russia and North Africa, and we are developing our home market of the Czech Republic into an electromobility centre so that we can safeguard jobs and create new ones. 

“ŠKODA is entering this exciting future from a position of strength, and I am looking forward to working with our team of over 43,000 Škodians worldwide and our social partner KOVO to take our company to the next level in the years ahead.”