Dacia Aims For Light, Not Electric

Thu 20th Jan 2022

One of the UK’s biggest budget car brands has said that it is in no hurry to turn its fleet electric and instead will focus on building lighter and more efficient vehicles with the aim of keeping costs down and reducing emissions.

Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot has said that his company’s future will not be dictated by what other motoring manufacturers are doing, and while many of the bigger brands are going all out electric, the Romanian company don’t even have an EV available to buy in the UK.

Electric cars are in the pipeline for these shores, with the PHEV seven-seater Jogger anticipated in 2023, and the Spring EV likely to land even sooner. But Le Vot believes that his company can avoid EU emissions fines by thinking smarter.

Speaking to Autocar, Le Vot said: “We stand for exceptional value, and we’re able to offer that by giving our customers everything they need but never anything superfluous.

“Today, air conditioning is considered essential, so we offer that. But electric seats with many adjustments? They aren’t essential, so we don’t offer them.

“In turn, that means that our seats – which are still very comfortable – are much lighter than those used by our rivals. That’s one detail, but there are many. And that means we produce much lighter and in turn low-emission cars, meaning we don’t need expensive electrification technology on them to meet all our regulatory requirements.”

The soon-to-be-launched Jogger may be a huge vehicle, but it weighs 20 per cent less than its competitors, allowing for better engine efficiency and 10 per cent less CO2.

He continued: “Let me be clear: we accept our environmental responsibility and will hit all our targets. But by creating lightweight, clean cars, we’re offering more customers a way of doing more for the environment at a lower ticket price. We will be ready with electrification when we need to be, but by then the costs of the investment in the technology will be amortised and we will be able to offer the technology at an affordable price.”