Dacia Disrupts Once Again

Wed 8th Sep 2021

Not content with having the most affordable new car on the market, Dacia are now breaking down barriers once again by introducing a seven-seater.

The Dacia Jogger, will be the Romanian company’s family car for 2022 and is more than likely to be the cheapest seven-seater car you can buy new in the UK. The crossover is likely to be priced at less than half of what other seven-seaters on the market can be bought for.

In another new first for the company, the Jogger will offer hybrid engine options, but not until 2023, with a 1.0 litre petrol and LPG version available on launch.

The Jogger will be embody the outdoor spirit of its name with ‘the length and practicality of an estate car, the spaciousness of an MPV, and the styling and reassurance of an SUV.’

Denis Le Vot, CEO Dacia, said: “Dacia is reinventing the 7-seater family vehicle with the All-New Dacia Jogger. This latest versatile addition embodies the brand’s outdoor spirit, always ready for adventure. It exemplifies Dacia's commitment to make mobility accessible to all, and that includes large families. The Dacia Jogger will also be Dacia’s first hybrid, because mobility, be it in or out of town, must be available for everyone.”

Le Vot is not the only Dacia executive to be in the news this week. The company’s product boss, Andreea Guinea has been speaking at the Munich motor show about how they manage to keep their pricing structure competitively low, explaining that customers are not ready to pay for the full blown tech of hybrids or EVs quite just yet. A hint as to why the hybrid Jogger won’t be around until 2023.

 “They [the customers] don’t go for features that aren’t useful,” Guinea said. “Our brand strategy is to focus on the essential without being boring; we want to offer essential features in a cool way.”