Dacia Reach 250k UK Sales

Wed 7th Jun 2023

Dacia has sold a quarter of a million cars in the UK, marking a decade of disruption in the market. 

The brand's sales doubled in 2022, with Charlie James being the 250,000th customer when he collected his Dacia Jogger Extreme SE. 

To celebrate, Dacia added unique touches like '250,000' embroidered mats and a special plaque. The Romanian brand also provided an activity voucher for the family to enjoy the brand's outdoor spirit. 

After receiving his car, Charlie said: “With three growing teenagers you need a large car, and the Jogger is perfect for us as a family. I had read a lot of online reviews and they were all very positive, saying how roomy it is and highlighting the usability of the third row of seats. We’re now going to be a lot more comfortable when we’re all travelling together. Finding out that I’m the 250,000th customer was quite a surprise! I’m looking forward to us setting off on our next family adventure.”

The first Dacia in the UK, a Sander Laureate, was registered in January 2013. In 2022, Dacia introduced a bold new visual identity across its entire range, resulting in a 55% increase in sales. The first-ever hybrid, the Jogger HYBRID 140, was introduced, achieving up to 56.5mpg combined and emitting only 112g/km CO2.

“We’re barely halfway through 2023 and it’s already shaping up to be an amazing year for Dacia. Delivering our quarter of a millionth car, especially in our 10th anniversary year, is a fantastic achievement and sums up just how far the brand has come in such a short space of time,” said Dacia’s UK Brand Director, Luke Broad.