Dash cam Portal Continues To Grow

Wed 21st Oct 2020

A database of user generated dash cam footage used by police forces across the UK is proving to be as popular than ever and is resulting in police action for more than half the videos uploaded.

Nextbase, one of the leading manufacturers of dash cams in Europe hosts the National Dash Cam Safety Portal on its website, the aim of which is to allow drivers to safely and speedily upload footage they have caught of others’ dangerous driving.

There are currently 33 police forces accessing the NDCSP, which currently has a total of 21,324 video uploads since the launch two years ago. Research suggests that by accessing the database police forces can save up to eight hours per case, or the equivalent of 170,000 hours of police work in total.

Richard Browning, Director of Nextbase, added, "Less busy roads can encourage motorists to bend the rules or lose some concentration. However, the Portal was created to make our roads safer and it is encouraging to see that people have still been reporting issues where reckless motorists have thought that they can take advantage of the clear pathways – potentially endangering others."

It’s estimated that less than one in five cases result in no further police action, with police forces increasingly using dash cam footage to prosecute the nation’s most dangerous drivers.