Delivered Straight To Your Door - Your Car Door

Thu 5th Mar 2020

A new innovation from Volkswagen will see packages delivered straight into the boot of your car, if you are too busy to collect the parcel at home.

Launched in partnership with Hermes, one of the UK’s leading courier companies, the scheme will see drivers given the option of having packages dropped off at home or at their car. If you choose to have the delivery dropped off at your car, the delivery driver will automatically receive the GPS coordinates of your vehicle and then will be able to unlock your car boot using a one-off, time-specific code.

The scheme is currently being trialled in Milton Keynes but is expected to be rolled out across the UK later this year for any Volkswagens produced from 2019 onwards.

Claire McGreal, brand strategy and mobility services manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “We are excited to have Hermes on board as our first courier partner to trial We Deliver in the UK.

“Feedback from users in Germany, where the scheme is already live, has been consistently positive and we hope to begin rolling out gradually across the UK by late 2020.

“Security is of course high on our list of priorities which is why delivery details are traceable to specific individual couriers.

“Should the delivery be unviable on the day for any reason – for example, there is insufficient space in the boot or the courier can’t locate the car – then the delivery will default to the user’s alternative address instead.”