Devon Gets New ‘Yellow Vulture’ Speed Cameras

Thu 13th Sep 2018

Drivers in the South West of the UK are taking extra precautions while driving following the installation of all-new LED ‘yellow vulture’ speed cameras.

With LED infrared technology, the cameras can spot drivers who are speeding, but also catch drivers who aren’t wearing a seatbelt, using their phone, eating, drinking and smoking when they should be focusing on the roads.

There are fears among some motorists that the new technology won’t be recognised by the driving public, as they don’t look like the traditional GATSO, or average speed cameras. The new technology features a group of cameras facing oncoming traffic, accompanied by an LED box system positioned 20 yards further behind drivers. Using number plate recognition technology, a computer will work out average speeds of the cars that pass in front of it.

The front facing technology is bad news for motorcyclists as it records both the front and back of a vehicle, making it impossible for any traffic to avoid detection. The cameras can also catch speeding drivers at night and will never run out of film as all recordings are saved straight to a computer.

The cameras are the latest initiative in the Safety Camera Partnership and have been introduced into Plymouth city centre in order to catch speeding drivers more effectively.