Did You Crash Your Car Last Week?

Tue 21st Jan 2020

If you had a prang in your motor last week don’t be surprised, according to new research last week had three of the most hazardous days of the year for accidents.

Figures published by Privilege Car Insurance reveal that January 13th, January 16th and January 18th are three of the top five most likely days to have a crash, with an average of 10,075 accidents on the 16th, more than any other day. 

As well as finding the most dangerous days for driving, the Insurance company also revealed the most likely type of crash, what type of car is most likely to be involved, what caused the crash, where it’s most likely to happen. 

A Ford being hit from behind in Belfast or Manchester being the most likely scenario for an accident according to the data.

Poor concentration, bad weather and poor visibility are the top three factors for causing a crash according to the respondents, with the latter two particularly prevalent at this time of year.

Charlotte Fielding, head of Privilege Motor Insurance, said: “We know that January can be a tricky time of year for drivers. 

“Difficult weather conditions, fewer daylight hours plus, being back to the grind after Christmas can take its toll, leaving drivers feeling fatigued.

“A few simple measures can reduce unnecessary stress levels and reduce the risk of collisions.

“Before you set off, ensure you have left enough time for your journey and if it is an unfamiliar route, programme this into your sat nav. 

“If you can, take 15-minute breaks every two hours on longer journeys and keep your distance from the car in front, as this will give you extra time to react.”