Dimwitted White Van Man Tried To Avoid Speeding Fines By Photoshopping Images

Tue 12th Jun 2018

A speeding white van driver has been jailed for six months after trying to escape speeding fines by photoshopping the speed camera images.

Jordan Notley, 23, of Edinburgh twice claimed that it couldn’t have been him in the VW van as his van was off the road.

Mr Notley, who was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court for two counts of perverting the course of justice, sent in doctored images of the vans in question as back-up ‘evidence’ to show that it was not his van. The two incidents took place in December 2016 and April 2017.

Inspector Steve Minnikin, Mobile Support Group, said:"This case and subsequent period of imprisonment is reflective of certain members of society not willing to accept their responsibilities and engaging in what is nothing short of a criminal activity to cover their tracks.

"What may have been seen as an easy option in the past or something people just do like an exaggerated house insurance claim is simply not true anymore.

"It is form of fraud and a criminal offence and all for trying to dodge in some cases a relatively minor speeding or other road traffic offence.

"We have experienced and specialised officers who robustly investigate and bring these offenders to justice.

"The message is simple - don't do it.

"We will find you out and you can answer to the criminal justice system for a far more serious offence, which may ultimately cost you your job or livelihood.

"Nobody wants to see that happen.”

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