Dirty Drivers Could Threaten A Clean Licence

Sat 27th Feb 2021

Motorists who continue to use the roadside as their own personal rubbish bin could find themselves receiving an instant fine with the trial of new LitterCam technologies which will spot those who throw litter out of their cars.

The cameras are being trialled in Kent this April following a year in which council staff collected 1,950 tonnes of roadside litter, a rise of 250 per cent, at a cost of £1.2 million. It is expected that the LitterCam will be able to deliver on-the-spot fines to offenders, at a cost of £90, rising to £120.

The trial in Kent is expected to be rolled out to other areas of the UK, with Wigan in Lancashire and Sheffield set to follow with a year-long pilot.

Clean Up Britain, a campaign group, has found that councils are issuing less than one fine a week for roadside littering, with councils having to rely on wardens to issue fixed penalty notices for those they catch in the act. But with LitterCam software set up to spot rubbish thrown from cars or blowing off the back of an unsecured truck, the company can then pass on vehicle registration details to the DVLA who then provide the name and address of the offender. Councils can then send the penalty notice, as well as the incriminating evidence on a video portal.

Jeremy Paxman, who is patron for Clean Up Britain is keen to see the LitterCam technology pilot pushed out.

“Is it an unwinnable battle? I don’t think it is,” he said. “What goes through people’s minds, I guess, is that they want to keep the inside of their vehicle clean and therefore throw the rubbish out without realising they’re making it a problem for everybody.”