Do Other Cars Irritate You?

Sun 14th Aug 2022

To many of us our cars are our pride and joy, but a new survey has revealed exactly what it is about other people’s cars which is a complete turn-off.

Few people would have even considered that modifications to their car might make them less attractive to the opposite sex, or that how their vehicle looks can seriously sway someone’s opinion about you?

In some cases the results of the poll by Compare The Market are fairly obvious, for example, it should come as no surprise that 45 per cent of Brits are put off by a messy interior to the car. If the inside of the car looks like a rubbish dump, you can only begin to imagine what the rest of their life looks like. 

However, some really expensive modifications to a car can be equally devastating if you are cruising the streets hoping to impress. A loud exhaust modification may sound impressive, but it is an instant turn-off for 35 per cent of drivers, while a dirty exterior also gets the thumbs-down for 22 per cent of motorists.

A more surprising unattractive feature on a car is a bobble-head on the dashboard (20%), while hanging things from the rear-view mirror (19%) is also a no-no.

If our car can repel some people, it makes sense that there are some elements of our vehicle which get the opposite reaction, with tinted windows, a strong smelling air freshener and custom alloys all winners according to the survey.

But if you are thinking of spicing up your life by adding some pulling power to your motor, be wary that you stick within the laws.

“If you’re looking to turn heads with a cool car, tinted windows could be the way to go,” the Compare The Market report said. “According to our research 14% of UK drivers think tinted windows are the most appealing car feature, ranking them higher than air freshener and custom alloys, which are placed equal second (12%).

“But don’t rush to darken your windows without doing your research first. There are laws regulating tinted windscreens and front side windows, and if you don’t abide by them, you could face a penalty. 

“When thinking about any car modifications, including window tints and custom alloys, always tell your car insurance provider about any changes you plan to make. If you don’t, it could cause problems down the line and even invalidate your car insurance.”