Do You Love Your Car More Than Ever?

Fri 5th Mar 2021

British motorists may not have had the opportunity to get out on the open road as much as they might like to in the last 12 months, but that hasn’t lessened their love for driving.

A new survey from Volkswagen Financial Services has revealed that eight out of ten drivers have always had a love for driving and more than a third admit that their love has grown with age.

It seems that British drivers love the solace and silence of driving, with many admitting that they treat their car as a refuge from work, a meditation space, and some just love it as a place to turn the stereo system up full blast and listen to their favourite music. But the love of cars is not something we want to share, as people prefer to be in their car on their own with 44 per cent admitting they like to drive solo, compared to 19 per cent who prefer company.

Dan James, from Volkswagen Financial Services UK, said: “For a lot of people, the love of driving still exists.

"There are those who have learned to love it, and those who have always had a love for it.

“It’s one of the very few places we can take some time out from our busy everyday lives, find some simplicity in a complex world, relax and clear our minds, and just focus on the road ahead.

“For many this has become more apparent recently as they no longer have the journey to and from work, missing out on that valuable time to unwind after leaving the office before they get home to family life.”

The pandemic lockdown has reduced the driving time for many, with most finding themselves in their car 50 per cent less than they previously might have been, and one in four admits that they miss being able to travel somewhere new.