Do You Want Your Car To Smell Of Africa?

Tue 19th Nov 2019

A new player is on the block for in-car fragrances, and it’s one which will be recognised by pre-pubescent teenagers across the UK, the unmistakable smell of Lynx.

With iconic scents such as Africa, Gold and Dark Temptation providing the so-called ‘Lynx Effect’ since the 1980s, the brand which supposedly made men irresistible to the opposite sex has now made the switch from personal grooming to automotive finishing.

The Lynx in car range will be available as a disc to hang from a rear-view mirror, a vent-clip diffuser and also a cupholder friendly gel can, with Africa, Dark Temptation and Gold joined by Black and Ice Chill.

“LYNX is an instantly recognisable and iconic brand with fragrances and shower products loved by millions, so we are thrilled to be selling these exclusively for the next two months,” excitedly commented Mariana Freitas, Halfords’ car air freshener expert. “It means that motorists will be able to bring LYNX fragrances into their cars with the ultimate car accessory – a long-lasting car freshener with a modern and high-end design. We know our customers love to look after their cars, and hope this latest addition means they will be excited about keeping their car interiors smelling fresh.”