Dog Caught Breaking Speed Limit

Thu 4th May 2023

Police in Germany are on the hunt for a dangerous driving dog after speed camera footage caught the pooch exceeding the speed limit on a country road.

The adventurous canine was spotted on the back roads of Rheinbach, near Cologne, travelling at 38mph, seven miles over the speed limit. 

However, though the photographic evidence appears to show a late contender for Britain’s Got Talent, the old adage of don’t believe everything you see, definitely comes into play. Looking more closely at the image and you will see that man’s best friend is actually just getting a little too up close and personal with its owner, who is driving.

The dog may have saved the driver a costly fine though, as the face is obscured it might be difficult to prove in court who is actually driving the car, though it might be interesting to see if the pet pooch gets points on its licence.

“The fine notice is on its way. 11kmph is too much in town, you will probably have to pay 50 euros,” said a German police officer in newspaper Bild

“But since the unknown speed offender could not be identified, he or she could get away with it.”

Unlike the UK, dogs are allowed to travel in the front seat with their owners, so long as they are wearing a seatbelt. They’re just not allowed to drive the car, especially if they are speeding.