Doggy Do's And Don't While Driving

Wed 24th Aug 2022

A recent study reveals that British dog owners spend over £4,000 annually on their pets, yet only half of those with dogs in the vehicle securely fasten their dogs' leash.

In spite of spending large sums on food, insurance, toys, and grooming, owners risk a £5,000 fine for not securing their pets safely while on the road.

Skoda and BorrowMyDoggy recently conducted a survey to determine how many dog owners drive with their canine companion and whether or not they properly secure the animal. According to the survey results, 51 percent of those who drive with their dog at least once a week do not properly secure the creature. Nine percent of those surveyed said that they have never properly secured their dog in their vehicle, while 14 percent said that they only secure their pets sometimes.

According to Skoda’s survey of 2,000 dog owners, 48 percent were unaware of current laws relating to transporting their dogs in cars, which can result in a £5,000 fine and invalidate insurance. The Highway Code requires dogs to be restrained so they do not distract. According to Skoda's survey, 12% of owners allow their dogs to sit on their lap, and 9% allow them to sit on the dash. In total, 68% of respondents said that they drove more carefully when their dog was in the car, though 24% said that they were more stressed when their pet was travelling with them if the the driver or cause injury should the vehicle stop suddenly.


Skoda’s Top Tip For Travelling With Dogs


  1. Keep dogs on a lead when getting in and out of a car

  2. Securely fasten your dog in the car with a harness or in-car carrier

  3. Keep toys, food and water on-hand, for example in the glovebox

  4. In-car dog accessories make travelling much more secure and comfortable, such as the ŠKODA rear-seat dog hammock

  5. Extras like blankets and dog beds can help to keep a dog calm and relaxed

  6. Take regular breaks for fresh air and to allow your dog to stretch their legs (and yourself)

  7. Never leave your dog in the car on a warm day, even if you have parked in the shade