Don’t Blame Us Say Petrol Stations

Thu 16th Jun 2022

The record-breaking cost of filling up a car at the petrol station has led to some fraught exchanges between motorists and the station attendants, but with prices showing no sign of steadying, one retailer has spoken out about the prices.

There will be many working in petrol stations thankful that many pumps are now self-serve, but for those who have had to face the wrath of angry customers it has surely led to plenty of tension on the forecourts.

The cost of filling an average tank of petrol is now beyond £101, which is an eye-watering amount when you are stood filling up watching the price continually ticking up. Motoring organisations are quick to point out that close to half of all the money paid for petrol is going to the government in the form of tax and now one retailer has clearly had enough of all the abuse he is receiving.

Brian Llewelyn of A’i Ferched garage in Pembrokeshire, Wales posted onto social media the exact breakdown of where the money goes when filling up.

"Tonight we had one customer turn up after we had put the pole signs off, as we were closing.

"This person pulled up to the pump, saw it was 193.9p per litre,” Brian said.

“They came into the shop and said, 'I was going to put fuel in but not at that price.'

"I said, 'I'm sorry, but it's not my fault'.

“For everyone that is thinking that it is the petrol forecourt themselves that are making the money at the moment, here’s a quick breakdown of how little forecourts actually make from the price of fuel.

“Of £50 that you spend on fuel at Tanerdy or Gwalia this week we forward the following: Tax (fuel duty): £13.94. Tax (VAT): £8.33. Gulf: £26.35.

“Total £48.62. We keep £1.38 to pay rates, energy costs, wages, national insurance, pension contributions etc."