Don’t Get Caught Out By These Car Insurance Loopholes

Thu 25th Jul 2019

Drivers across the UK may be unwittingly voiding their car insurance by making a range of mistakes which may seem innocent.

Price comparison website MoneySuperMarket is warning that there could be millions of drivers unprotected in a claim because of the insurance loopholes hidden away in their policy.

The number one most common way that drivers invalidate their policy? Driving with their pet unrestrained in the car. It may seem harmless, but the prospect of letting Rover stick his head out of the window to lick the wind could be a costly decision. Almost a quarter of drivers admit to having made the mistake, even though the Highway Code states that animals need to be suitably restrained.

Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, commented: “While driving with your pet in your car – whether in the boot or on a seat – might seem like a harmless way of getting from A to B, the truth is you can risk invalidating your car insurance.


 “If you’re in a prang with an unrestrained pet in your car, insurers may use it against you – regardless of whether it was as a direct result of the animal itself – so it’s worth being on the safe side and making sure ‘man’s best friend’ is properly restrained.


 “Always read your policy in full to make sure you have the correct level of cover for your needs. If not, shop around to see if you are getting the best deal – you could save up to £2454 per year simply by switching provider, and it doesn’t take long to do.”

Other ways in which drivers can invalidate their policy include changing jobs without notifying their insurer (23%), having an accident and not informing the insurer (18%), letting others driver their car without the correct insurance (15%) and failing to update the address on their policy details (14%).