Don’t Get Caught Short

Sat 17th Sep 2022

Motorists across the UK are being advised to be careful their fuel gauge doesn’t drop too low this bank holiday Monday, as many petrol stations will be closing due to Queen’s funeral.

All petrol stations at supermarkets across the country will be closed for most of the day on Monday 19th September, as a sign of respect.

Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, and Morrisons have declared that all forecourts will be shut on Monday, with some reopening after 5pm.

Don't forget to look up your local station prior to leaving house on Monday, as many of them will remain closed. In the UK, 20% of fuel stations are located in supermarkets.

Tesco stores will have self service fuel stations that will reopen.

Morrisons have disclosed that many of their fuel stations will be open late on Monday, offering customers ‘essentials’, Since the stores themselves will be closed all day.

However, drivers should check the company's website to see if local fuel stations are open, as the majority of them have different opening times.

Sainsbury's has expressed a similar view – some stations will be open from 5pm to 10pm.

Many independent fuel stations are expected to shut down or partially close – drivers should check their websites for the latest updates.

"With many supermarket forecourts closed until the evening on Monday, our advice to drivers needing to refuel is to seek out a good value independent filling station that's choosing to stay open, or top up over the weekend instead," said Simon Williams from the RAC.